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Legal & Compliance Resources  

In today's highly litigious business environment, it's imperative that your business is not only run ethically, but that you utilize legally binding contracts and agreements when conducting your business. TechServe Alliance provides members with a selection of legal resources tailored to meet the needs of IT & engineering staffing and solutions firms to help you build your business and minimize your risks.

Model Contracts & Samples

TechServe Alliance provides you with an extensive and constantly growing collection of engineering & IT staffing models, documents, contracts, position papers and other vital legal resources that have been developed specifically for the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry.

Our current portfolio of contract offerings include:

  • Recruiter Model Contracts
  • Account Representative Model Contracts
  • State-by-State Guide to the Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Rules in the 50 States and the District of Columbia
  • Model Client Contract
  • Model Simplified Employment Agreement
  • Model Supplier Agreement
  • Model Simplified Contractor Agreement

Sales & Use Tax Matrix

Through special arrangement with Industry Sales Tax Solutions, TechServe Alliance members have access to state sales and use tax information for IT Staffing (45 states and the District of Columbia currently have a sales and use tax).

Premium Compliance Services Program

As a TechServe member taking advantage of the Compliance Services Program, you have access to unlimited inquiries by telephone and email on compliance issues delivered by industry legal veterans starting at just $188 a month for firms under $2 million in revenue.
Premium Services Dues
Revenue Category Annual
(Dues & Prem Svcs Combined)
(Dues & Prem Svcs Combined)
Level 1 - Under $2 M $1,994.00 $188.00
Level 2 - $2-$10 M $3,989.00 $374.00
Level 3 - $11-$20 M $5,934.00 $558.00
Level 4 - $21-$50 M $8,579.00 $809.00
Level 5 - $51-$100 M $10,524.00 $990.00
Level 6 - More than $100 M $19,849.00 $1,869.00

Legal Updates

TechServe Alliance is committed to keeping members informed of current legal issues impacting the industry and regularly publishes alerts on the issues facing IT & engineering staffing and solutions firms.

Health Care Reform

With the statute and regulations numbering over thousands of pages combined, attempting to comprehend health care reform (“Affordable Care Act” or ACA) and its impact on your company is a daunting undertaking. TechServe members have access to health care resources and tools with an emphasis on the business implications for IT & engineering staffing and solutions firms. These resources help answer the real questions that are on everyone's mind: Will I need to pay more? If so, how much more? What are the ultimate implications of healthcare reform for my business?

HR Tools

Navigating the HR landscape can be daunting, even for seasoned staffing professionals. Obstacles include changes to overtime rules and salary requirements, in addition to the variance found between state and federal laws.

TechServe Alliance offers members a number of documents to meet these challenges. From job description templates to employment laws broken down by state, members can use these tools to strengthen their businesses and remain compliant.