About TechServe

Advancing the Industry and Your Business

IT & engineering staffing and solutions firms count on TechServe Alliance to keep their leadership informed, engaged and connected. TechServe Alliance members represent diverse technical fields, but they have several things in common:

  • Collaborative networking and knowledge-sharing for the collective benefit of all
  • Keen understanding of operational and market trends that impact their performance
  • Commitment to fair business practices and high ethical code of conduct standards

A Collaboration Serving All Industry Stakeholders

By providing access to the knowledge and best practices of an entire industry and tapping the collective scale of our membership, TechServe Alliance supports its members in the efficient delivery of best-in-class IT & engineering staffing and solutions for clients, and exceptional professional opportunities for every IT & engineering consultant.

The Voice of the Industry

TechServe Alliance serves as the voice of the industry before policymakers and the national and trade press. Through our daily monitoring of congressional activities and serving as the go-to resource for press inquiries on industry issues, TechServe Alliance represents the interests of both those who provide – as well as those who rely on – IT & engineering services.

Promoting Fair Business Practices & High Ethical Standards

From a commitment to equal opportunity and protecting the intellectual property of clients to honesty in communications, our members subscribe to the industry’s most rigorous code of conduct.