IT & Engineering Staffing Industry Trends & Forecasts

Bringing together leading minds from across the marketplace and in the industry, TechServe Alliance provides members with a steady stream of valuable and authoritative insight into today’s IT & engineering staffing industry trends and opportunities.

TechServe Alliance’s State of the Industry Survey

The State of the Industry survey provides access to insights on the state of the industry straight from the source: owners and executives of IT & engineering staffing and solutions firms. Each month, we survey our membership to provide timely data on current market conditions and critical industry topics. These two monthly surveys—one focused on IT and one on engineering—are available to members only.

Members who complete the survey will receive the survey results:

  • State of the Industry: View a chart displaying the growth or contraction of IT staffing activity over the past 1, 3 and 12–month periods. As well as the TechServe Alliance IT & Engineering Perm Hire Index measuring the state of perm placement activity. These results will be reported on a regional basis where a sufficient number of firms from the region complete the survey.
  • Industry Outlook: Learn what others are thinking in terms of future growth or contraction of the industry over the next 3 and 12–month periods.
  • Insight on Critical Issues: Gain insight on topics such as the impact of the talent shortage in high–demand IT skill sets and the difficulty in recruiting and developing account executives and recruiters. Find out how others are responding to the industry–s myriad of challenges and opportunities.
  • Executive Opinions: In addition to the survey question results, you–ll have access to candid comments of IT staffing firm owners and executives on a variety of industry issues, including their perspective on the overall state of the marketplace.

Monthly Economic Forecast: TrendsReport

What will be tomorrow’s best economic prospects and toughest challenges? As a TechServe Alliance member you have complimentary access to an abridged TrendsReport, published on a monthly basis by Alan Beaulieu and the Institute for Trend Research. Gain insight into the current macroeconomic environment and highly reliable economic forecasts to support better business decisions.

360–Degree Industry Study: Clients, Candidates & Businesses

Understand the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry like never before with our 360–Degree Industry Study. Learn the expectations and goals of your clients, your consultants and your competitors and identify opportunities where your business can improve and grow.

The TechServe Alliance study, conducted by global survey firm Inavero, included over 100 questions and surveyed more than 700 individuals. It is the first of its kind to examine the industry's opportunities and challenges from three distinct perspectives: clients, candidates and staffing firms. With a clear understanding of the motivations of each stakeholder in the talent engagement process, IT & engineering staffing and solutions firms can more effectively deliver value to the clients and the talent they serve.






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