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Employment Data

As a member of TechServe Alliance, you have access to our various reports and industry index analysis developed through collaborative sharing of information and experience. These strategic research tools can help you and your business thrive and become a leading IT & engineering staffing and solutions provider.

Monthly Employment Indices 

This detailed analysis of IT and engineering employment trends provides you with the knowledge to develop an effective strategy to support your business and recruiting needs, and differentiate your firm from your competitors ensuring you have the pick of the best professional talent in the marketplace.

November 2020 Employment Index

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Geographic IT Wage Map

Our Geographic IT Wage Map is a web-based interactive map containing the most current wage information for specific IT occupations on a geographic basis. The data, culled from federal data sources, includes the information for all 50 states and for 22 metro areas.

can click here to access the IT Wage Map.

Quarterly Top Industries Report

TechServe’s quarterly snapshot of the Top Industries Employing IT Workers tracks key IT employment trends, reporting data on jobs, payroll and location for 16 industry sectors.

Quarterly Job Market Trends Report

While technology has helped create a world without borders, most technology jobs are tied to a specific location. TechServe’s quarterly report of the Top IT Job Markets pinpoints key IT job market trends in 22 major metropolitan areas. Owners and executives can use the report to identify opportunities for expanding their geographic or to locate great IT talent.