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TechServe Alliance Legislative Agenda

TechServe Alliance Overview and Industry Definitions

  1. Support Policies that Address the Systemic IT and Engineering Professional Talent Shortage in the U.S. While Continuing to Meet Near-Term Needs

    The U.S. has for many years suffered from a shortage of highly-skilled technical professionals. A qualified workforce is essential to the U.S. economy and the success of the IT and engineering staffing industry. TechServe Alliance supports policies that address the systemic talent shortage including increasing resources for STEM education and worker training. Further, to meet near-term needs, Congress should provide access to a reasonable number of IT & engineering professionals on H-1B visas without any policy changes that discriminate against U.S.-based IT and engineering staffing firms.

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  3. Clarify the FLSA Definition of Computer Professional to Reflect Hundreds of New IT Occupations
    The 1990s definition of computer professional, as codified in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), was enacted when the “World Wide Web” and the Internet were in the infancy stage. As America's technology industry has grown at an extremely fast pace for more than two decades, there are literally hundreds of new IT professional occupations. TechServe Alliance strongly supports efforts to resolve any doubt about whether these new IT occupations fall within the FLSA computer professional exemption through updating and clarification of the statutory language.

  4. IT and Engineering Consultants Should Be Able to Choose to Provide their Services as Independent Contractors

    Tax and employment laws and regulations should fully accommodate IT and engineering staffing consultants who choose to offer their services as independent contractors.

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TechServe Alliance Government Affairs Committee

Sue Thaden, President, CRi (Committee Chair)

Bob Miano, President and CEO, Harvey Nash Inc.

Karen Wilson, President and CEO, MAKE Corporation

Gary Zander, President, Project One Inc.

Mark Nussbaum, COO, Signature Consultants

Paul Hansen, Chairman and CEO, Millennium Consulting Inc.