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Onsite Executive Forums

Meet with other c-level executives in the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry in a series of dynamic sessions. Take advantage of a rare opportunity to share your perspectives on common issues and the unique solutions you have developed to address them. This discussion of best practices and processes is one of the conference’s biggest draws.

Growing Firm Forum

This one-day, peer-to-peer event held at the annual TechServe Alliance Conference & Tradeshow provides tangible strategies to successfully take your company to the next level of business growth in the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry. Open to firms with $10-$50 million in revenue, this interactive roundtable format is filled with business best practices for expanding companies from the industry's brightest and most successful current and past executives of staffing and professional services firms.

Large Firm Forum

The Large Firm Forum is a one-day event designed specifically for c-level executives of IT & engineering staffing and solutions firms with revenue over $50 million. Held at the TechServe Alliance Conference & Tradeshow in an interactive roundtable format, the forum focuses on current business issues impacting large firms. It offers an opportunity to engage in informative discussions with industry peers. You will also hear from subject matter experts on topics relevant to all organizations. The valuable peer-to-peer networking is an experience not to be missed.