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Resources for Financial Leadership

Overseeing the financial health of your organization is a critical task. TechServe Alliance is proud to provide financial professionals with industry data and knowledge that expands their understanding of the dynamic IT & engineering staffing and solutions market. Join TechServe Alliance and you will have continuous access to the following resources, benchmarks and best practices—all designed to help you define and improve the financial success of your firm.

Improve Profitability Through Benchmarking

Access the Most Comprehensive Benchmarking Report in the Industry:

Only with deep vertical–specific data and analysis can you know how your firm’s performance compares with others in the industry. The TechServe Alliance Operating Practices Report, the industry’s most comprehensive benchmarking report, helps financial leaders chart strategic courses to improving profitability. Use the Operating Practices Report data and insights to learn and model the successful behavior of high–performing firms.

Keep Tabs on the Greater Economy: Gain insight into the current macroeconomic environment and receive highly reliable economic forecasts through our quarterly webinar series with Economist Alan Beaulieu and the monthly economic forecast TrendsReport.

Objectively Measure the Performance of Your Team: Your account executives and recruiters are the core of your operation. What are reasonable expectations for submissions, interviews and placements at different levels of experience? What should be the ratio of base and incentive compensation? What do high–performing firms do differently in terms of expectations and compensation? The TechServe Alliance Sales & Recruiter Metrics Report is the only sector–specific analysis of sales and recruiter metrics and compensation.

See Your Business from Every Perspective: Candidate, Client & Business: See the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry like never before with our 360–Degree Industry Study. Learn the expectations and goals of your clients, your consultants and your competitors, and identify opportunities where your business can improve and grow.

Drive Greater Profitability Through Innovation and Industry Best Practices

In an era of increased margin pressure, IT & engineering staffing firm executives must continually innovate and stay abreast of industry best practices. While there are multiple models and go–to–market strategies that can succeed, success is more likely if you learn from the experiences of those who have gone before. How do TechServe Alliance members do it?

  • By tapping into the collective knowledge of an entire industry with TechServe Alliance’s educational and training resources and learning which strategies and tactics are more likely to achieve higher levels of profitability.
  • By attending the TechServe Alliance Annual Conference and discovering how other firms are innovating, growing gross margins and reducing costs.
  • By participating in the TechServe Alliance webinar series in which thought leaders present on a wide range of profitability issues.
  • By following the Tech Staffing Brief blog for insights on emerging trends and topics that have the potential to impact the bottom line.