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Resources for IT & Engineering Staffing Buyers

The demand for IT talent has never been higher, which means the IT staffing market has never offered more choices. How do you choose from among the many national, regional and local providers offering to deliver technology talent and solutions?

Tap into Our Membership to Find the Right Provider: TechServe Alliance is a premier source of IT staffing excellence—a resource for the industry innovators seeking to advance their knowledge and competitive edge.

  • Our mission is to enhance our members’ businesses and advance the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry.
  • To promote fair business practices, TechServe Alliance maintains a strong ethical Code of Conduct. From a commitment to equal opportunity and protecting the intellectual property of clients, to honesty in communications, each TechServe Alliance member subscribes to the industry’s most rigorous code of conduct.
  • Search our member directory to find TechServe Alliance member companies in your region.

Identify Top Providers: TechServe Certification & Excellence Awards: Each year, TechServe Alliance recognizes top performers across the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry through its certifications and award program.

  • The TechServe Alliance Certification Program is a way for firms to confirm and recognize the skills, knowledge and experience of their account executives and recruiters.
  • TechServe Alliance recognizes top businesses from across our industry with the Excellence Awards. Excellence Awards provide tangible affirmation of a firm’s focus on outstanding performance, team productivity and dedication to continuous improvement. The fundamentals that lead to achieving a high–level of client satisfaction.

Gain Industry Insight with TechServe Knowledge: TechServe Alliance offers rich IT employment trends and data that can help you understand the demand and competition for IT talent:

  • Use the monthly IT employment Index to understand IT hiring and skill demand.
  • Keep up–to–date with our twice–weekly Industry Update and our Tech Staffing Brief blog.
  • See IT & engineering staffing from the inside with the TechServe Alliance 360–Degree Industry Study. Learn the expectations and goals of IT professionals, talent providers and your business peers.