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IT & Engineering Staffing Industry News Releases

Through the media, TechServe Alliance delivers timely IT & engineering staffing industry news, as well as information on the association, its members and important legislative issues impacting the industry.

Recent releases:

11.18.20 IT Employment Continues to Rebound
10.7.20 IT & Engineering Employment Continues to Improve; Posting Strong Growth in September
9.9.20 Reversing Slide; IT Employment Turns Positive in August
8.26.20 IT & Engineering Staffing Industry Stabilizes in July
Consultants on Billing Down 8.3%: New Job Orders Down 30% From Pre-Pandemic Levels

8.20.20 Key Trends Impacting IT & Engineering Staffing Firm Growth and Profitability Transcend Downdraft of COVID-19
8.12.20 IT Employment Decline Slows in July
7.15.20 IT Employment Declines Markedly Again in June
6.24.20 TechServe Alliance Announces Launch of the IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard™ in Collaboration with New Diamond Sponsor CEIPAL
6.10.20 IT Employment Declines Markedly in May, Though Continues to Show More Resilience than Overall Job Market
5.15.20 Despite Precipitous Drop, IT Employment Far More Resilient than Overall Job Market 
4.8.20 Calm Before the Storm; IT Jobs Tick Down
2.26.20 IT Jobs Kick Off New Year Ticking Down
 2.21.20 TechServe Alliance Board of Directors Meet to Address the Critical Needs of IT & Engineering Staffing Firms; Three Industry Leaders Join Board of Directors 
1.14.20 IT Employment Enters 2020 on a Downward Trajectory
12.18.19 IT Employment Ticks Down Year-Over-Year
11.15.19 Engineering Employment Turns Down in October
10.16.19 IT Employment Growth Remains Anemic
10.16.19 TechServe Alliance Announces 2019 Excellence Awards Winners
9.20.19 IT Employment Ticks Up Slightly
8.16.19 IT Employment Growth Remains Anemic; Engineering Employment Continues to Show Strength
7.17.19 IT Employment Posts Slight Increase in June; Engineering Employment Shows Increasing Strength
6.12.19 IT Employment Ticks Up Modestly in May; Year-Over-Year Growth Anemic
5.31.19 Despite Solid Revenue Growth, IT and Engineering Staffing Firm Profits Remain Under Pressure; Performance Varies Widely
5.10.19 IT Employment Posts First Gain For The Year
4.12.19 Three For Three: IT Employment Ticks Down For The Third Consecutive Month
3.15.19 IT Employment Ticks Down
2.20.19 IT Job Growth Kicks Off New Year With a Whimper
1.9.19 2018 IT Job Growth Rate Lowest in Nine Years
12.21.18 US IT Jobs Eke Out Small Gain in November
11.16.18 TechServe Alliance Elects New President of Its Board of Directors
11.14.18 US IT Jobs Dip
10.24.18 TechServe Alliance Announces 2018 Excellence Award Winners
10.19.18 US IT Job Growth Stuck in Neutral
9.12.18 US IT Job Growth Comes To Full Stop
8.15.18 US IT Job Growth Remains Anemic in Light of Acute Talent Shortage
7.11.18 US IT Job Growth Underperforms Growth of Overall Workforce
6.6.18 US IT Job Growth Hits a Wall; Talent Shortage to Blame
5.15.18  Talent Shortage Continues to Restrict US IT Job Growth 
4.12.18 Rate of IT Job Growth Edges Up  
3.14.18 IT Job Growth Stuck in Neutral; Talent Shortage to Blame
1.10.18 Rate of IT Job Growth Slows to a Trickle
11.15.17 Rate of IT Job Growth Continues to Slide
10.13.17 Rate Of IT And Engineering Job Growth Decelerates
 9.7.17 IT and Engineering Job Growth Strengthens
8.11.17 Rate of IT Jobs Growth Sluggish; Pace of Engineering Employment Expansion Slows in July
7.14.17 Engineering Posts Strongest Job Growth in a Year; IT Job Growth Modest in June
Most IT and Engineering Staffing Firms Less Dependent on VMS/MSP Revenue than Expected; Path to Higher Profitability is Control of Internal Staff Costs
6.7.17  IT and Engineering Job Growth Slows in May; Acute Talent Shortage a Contributing Factor
4.19.15 Engineering Employment Posts Best Two Months in a Year; IT Employment Growth Rate Holds Steady
3.22.17 TechServe Alliance Announces New Board Members 
3.15.17 IT Employment Growth Rate Accelerates Modestly
2.10.17 IT Employment Posts Respectable Growth in January
1.18.17  December IT Employment Growth Rate Slowest of 2016; Engineering Employment Growth Rate Remains Anemic
12.7.16  IT Employment Decelerates in November; Change of Administration Brings Uncertainty for Future Growth Prospects
11.18.16  IT and Engineering Employment Growth Rates Continue to Decelerate
 10.26.16  TechServe Alliance Announces Recipients of its Annual “Excellence Awards”
 10.14.16 IT  Jobs Growth Continues Deceleration; Engineering Employment Improves Modestly  
 8.10.16 IT Jobs Growth Continues Deceleration; Engineering Employment Improves
 6.14.16 2016 Sales & Recruiter Metrics Report Released; Highlights Vast Divide in Performance Among Individual AEs & Recruiters
 7.13.16  IT Jobs Growth Modestly Decelerates; Engineering Employment Remains Anemic
 6.8.16  IT & Engineering Staffing Firm Gross Margins Improve; Surge in Perm Placement Revenue Prime Contributor
 5.18.16  IT Jobs Continue Modest Growth Trajectory; Engineering Employment Improves
 4.8.16  IT Jobs Grow Modestly; Engineering Employment Ticks Down
 3.9.16  IT and Engineering Job Growth Continues to Decelerate 
 2.12.16  IT Job Growth Continues to Decelerate;  Engineering Employment Ticks Up
 1.13.16  IT Job Growth Decelerates; Engineering Employment Anemic
 12.9.15  IT Employment Continues Steady Rise
 11.10.15  IT Employment Tops Milestone 5 Million Mark
TechServe Alliance Announces Recipients of its Annual “Excellence Awards”
10.7.15 IT Employment in September Lands Just Under 5 Million Mark 
IT Employment Inches Closer to 5 Million Mark
IT and Engineering Job Growth Continues to Decelerate
6.23.15 IT & Engineering Employment Continues Tepid Pace of Growth
IT Employment Grows Modestly in April; Engineering Employment Growth Sluggish
"High-Profit" IT and Engineering Staffing Firms More than Three Times As Profitable As "Typical" Firms—Report Highlights Key Drivers
IT Employment Continues Steady Climb in March; Engineering Employment Growth Rate Slows
IT and Engineering Employment Continues Upward Trajectory
IT and Engineering Employment Starts 2015 on A Strong Note
IT and Engineering Employment Continue Growth Trajectory in December
IT Employment Grows Modestly in November; Engineering Growth Rate Accelerates
IT Employment Growth Rate Increases Modestly — Reverses Nine Month Downward Trend; Engineering Growth Rate Remains Sluggish
TechServe Alliance Announces Recipients of its Inaugural "Excellence Awards"
IT & Engineering Employment Rate of Growth in September Remains Tepid