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TechServe Resources for Succeeding with VMS/MSP Model

VMS/MSP models are now entrenched in the world of IT & engineering staffing and solutions. That said, many businesses still struggle to compete and profit within VMS/MSP models. TechServe offers research and learning to help member businesses learn to thrive with VMS/MSP.

Explore How Others Succeed or Struggle in VMS/MSP: Tap into the vast knowledge and experience of TechServe Alliance’s many members to more effectively deliver VMS/MSP solutions.

  • Learn what industry clients, consultants and peers like and dislike about VMS/MSP in our 360-Degree Industry Study.
  • Examine the VMS/MPS practices of peer firms nationwide in key segments of the TechServe Operating Practice Report.
  • Use our webinar series to get expert VMS/MS insights from industry leaders in the IT & engineering temporary staffing industry.
  • Explore the opportunities and challenges of VMS at the industry’s best networking and learning event—the TechServe Alliance Annual Conference.