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TechServe Resources for Your Recruiting Team

With qualified and highly skilled IT & engineering candidates in short supply, you need access to resources that help boost your recruiting team’s effectiveness. With TechServe Alliance membership, you gain access to timely employment data, proprietary research on recruiter metrics, as well as the key insights into drivers for attracting candidates. Our members learn recruiting best practices through multiple educational channels and elevate their recruiters’ skills through the TechServe Certification Program.

Use Employment Data for Maximum Effect in the Recruiting Process: In recruiting, it’s not only critical to find the right talent, but also for clients to make hiring decisions before candidates accept other offers. With TechServe Alliance’s extensive IT & engineering employment data, including our monthly indices, IT job market trends, and top industries employing IT professionals, member companies keep recruiting teams informed of the state of the market. They use the data to educate clients on the need to make hiring decisions quickly and consider candidates who may not be “perfect.”

Improve Your Recruiting Team’s Performance Using Proprietary Research: How many submissions, interviews and placements should you expect from recruiters of different levels of experience? What ratio between base and incentive compensation drives better performance? Only TechServe Alliance offers sector–specific benchmarking data that provides the insight needed to set objective expectations to help drive higher levels of performance.

Access An Extensive Line–up of Educational and Training Resources: In this hyper–competitive environment, recruiting teams need to have top skills. TechServe Alliance offers members a wide range of training resources to help recruiting teams continually “up their game.” As a TechServe Alliance member, you can:

  • Provide your team with access to our webinar series which includes many recruiting topics.
  • Register your top performers for the recruiting track at the TechServe Alliance Annual Conference, which exposes recruiters to new ideas as well as proven industry best practices.
  • Access training and conference content through our Online Learning Center.

Invest in Your Team’s Success: Raising the professionalism and standards of the industry, the TechServe Alliance Certification Program was designed to:

  • Elevate effectiveness
  • Mitigate risk through enhanced knowledge of employment laws
  • Recognize exemplary professionals
  • Demonstrate commitment to continuing education

TechServe Alliance Certification is the only industry certification that showcases knowledge and understanding of industry best practices. Achieving this coveted recognition allows businesses to differentiate their recruiting team and stand out in a crowded marketplace.