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TechServe Resources for Ensuring Legal Compliance

In today’s highly regulated and often litigious business environment, it is imperative that you utilize legally binding contracts and agreements when conducting your business. TechServe Alliance members have access to a selection of IT & engineering staffing industry–specific legal resources designed to minimize risks.

Know the Risks, Know Your Benefits & Stay Informed: Business can be tricky, which is why TechServe Alliance provides you with services and resources designed to keep you ahead of the curve:

  • Give your entire team access to the expertise and industry knowledge of a seasoned and industry–savvy legal expert through our Premium Compliance Services.
  • Access an extensive and constantly growing collection of model contracts, including documents, contracts, position papers and other vital legal resources that have been developed specifically for IT & engineering staffing and solutions businesses.
  • Keep informed of the legal issues impacting the industry through TechServe Alliance legal updates. These updates include detailed summaries of the latest legal issues that are affecting IT & engineering staffing and solutions firms.

Understand Health Care Reform: TechServe Alliance has developed a series of health care reform resources and tools that help IT & engineering staffing and solutions firms answer their most important healthcare questions without getting lost in the details.

Stay compliant with complex state and federal employment laws with ComplianceHR, TechServe's powerful suite of self-service compliance tools. ComplianceHR covers areas such as IC compliance, overtime compliance, non-competes, paid leave and much more with analysis and documents designed to comply with federal law and the specific laws of any of the 50 states and DC. 

Get Legal Insights Based on Your Location: Rules change based on where you operate your business. TechServe Alliance members have access to guides for understanding and complying with state(s) laws including overtime rules, model contracts, and State sales and use tax information.