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TechServe Resources for Differentiating Your Business

With a growing crowd of competitors in the marketplace, differentiating your business has never been more important. TechServe Alliance has worked to develop events, programs, certifications and awards that will get member organizations recognized as employers and businesses of choice.

Participate in the Events & Discussions Shaping Our Industry: Do you want to edge out the competition? Then you need to stay ahead and stay informed. Join TechServe Alliance and members nationwide in discussions designed to increase your knowledge, performance and profile:

  • The TechServe Alliance Annual Conference is the industry’s premier networking event, and a chance to gain impressive knowledge from peers and visionaries while taking advantage of special events: Large Firm Forum, Growing Firm Forum and trainings focused on recruiters and account executives.
  • Use the TechServe Alliance webinar series as a tool for getting ahead. Learn from those who’ve succeeded before you as you get insights on how to strengthen your operations, marketing, customer service and more.

Leverage TechServe Knowledge for Business Gain: To support strategic decision making, TechServe Alliance offers its members the following market data and expertise:

Distinguish Your Business with Certification & Excellence Awards: Get noticed and recognized with certifications and awards.

  • The TechServe Certification Program offers a cost-effective way to invest in your team. Provide account executives and recruiters with the opportunity to earn this coveted industry recognition of skill, knowledge and experience.
  • TechServe Alliance recognizes the outstanding performance of businesses across our industry with our Excellence Awards. Excellence Awards provide tangible affirmation of a laser focus on the fundamentals of execution: achievement of consistently strong revenue growth, highly effective and productive teams and a demonstrated commitment to ongoing investment in developing those teams.