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Online Learning

Online Learning Center

The Online Learning Center is the educational resource center of TechServe Alliance and is available only to members. The Online Learning Center provides you with on–demand access to numerous sessions and webinars specifically developed to benefit your business, including education breakout sessions from past conferences and webinars. Access the Online Learning Center to:

  • Catch up on webinars anytime and anywhere.
  • Stay current on the latest industry best practices or technologies.
  • Train new team members or conduct regular learning sessions for your recruiting and/or sales teams

TechServe Webinar Series »

Developed especially for the IT & engineering staffing and solutions professional, TechServe webinars keep members current on the latest industry research, engineering & IT employment trends, best practices and legislative issues.

TechServe webinars bring the hottest speakers in our industry right into your office, without the travel costs or per-person fees normally associated with seminars. Provide learning opportunities for your team on a regular basis in the following areas:

  • Economic outlook
  • Executive and business management
  • Legal and compliance issues
  • Sales
  • Recruiting