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Become a TechServe Alliance Member

Dedicated to helping its members achieve their business goals, TechServe Alliance leverages its proprietary products and services to enhance efficiency and foster growth and profitability for each member.

Practical Tools to Grow Your Business

From start-ups to multinationals, we count hundreds of IT & Engineering staffing and solutions firms and thousands of affiliated professionals, all working together to advance excellence in the industry - and in your business. As the only national trade association exclusively for the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry, TechServe offers established corporations and fast-growth organizations an array of services built on the collective expertise of our members.

Strategic Insights

When you join TechServe, you get more than a collaborative network of industry executives. You also get widespread access to market intelligence, best practices, IT staffing industry analysts and experts, and a robust legislative advocacy program that you can't build or find anywhere else. Your entire organization benefits, from the boardroom to corporate headquarters to your field offices.

Legal & Legislative Resources
minimize risks and stay on top of industry threats 
Benchmarking Data
measure and improve your firm's performance
Premium Compliance Services Program
access industry legal veterans on a wide range of
compliance issues at an exceptionally low cost
Training & Educational Resources
develop and invest in your team, including
the Sales & Recruiters Management Program
Industry-Specific Model Contracts
ensure that your firm is compliant and legally protected
Networking Opportunities
connect with other industry leaders from around the country
Industry-leading Research
keep apprised of evolving industry challenges and opportunities
AE & Recruiter Certification
differentiate your team in a crowded marketplace
Operational Best Practices
maximize growth and profitability
Business Insurance Program
obtain required coverage at the lowest possible cost 

TechServe membership dues are based on your company’s annual IT services revenue. You may provide access to membership resources to an unlimited number of users within your company for one annual or monthly price. See Our Membership Dues
Annual Revenue Annual
Membership Dues
Membership Dues
Membership Dues
Under $2 million $1,395 $129 $366.25
$2 million – $10 million $2,790 $256 $732.50
$11 million – $20 million $4,135 $379 $1,086.25
$21 million – $50 million $5,580 $510 $1,465
$51 million – $100 million $6,925 $635 $1,818.75
$101 million and over $13,850 $1,270 $3,637.50

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