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TechServe Alliance Certification Program

The 2nd Edition of the CPSR & CPSAE Releases on July 1st!

Exam and study materials for the Certified Professional Services Recruiter Level 1 (CPSR) and Certified Professional Services Account Executive Level 1 (CPSAE) are being updated – new editions to be released on July 1st.

Included in the changes taking place on July 1st are new exam questions and all NEW SECTIONS in the study material focused on social media and the Affordable Care Act and its impact on IT & Engineering staffing. Also, the exam passing rate will now be 80%.

Why the changes? It is important to do a critical review of the program to ensure we represent current industry best practices.

There is Still Time to Take the Current Exam

There is still time to take the current exam, but time is running out. The current exam and materials are only available until June 30th. Register Now! TechServe members login here to access discount code prior to registering.

We recommend 30 – 60 days to study for the exam before taking it. Post exam, you will be given access to the new materials, once they are available. If you do not take the exam before July 1st, you will automatically be given the new materials and exam.

Professional Certification Basics

      Level I Certification requires demonstrated mastery of industry standards.
    • Industry best practices
    • Common terms and definitions
    • Sytems and processes
    • Understanding the IT & engineering niche
    • Best use of time
    • Federal laws governing employment practices
    • 20 lessons exclusively focused on the specific work performed by either recruiters or account executives
    Level II Certification requires a minimum of two years of experience plus advanced mastery based on case studies with more complex scenarios.

In addition to adherence to the TechServe Alliance Certification Code of Ethics and a commitment to pursue continuing education, applicants must demonstrate mastery of the content in the TechServe Alliance Certification Program Study Materials by successfully passing a 100-question, online certification exam. (All applicants must pass the Level I exam prior to pursuing Level II certification.)

Successful completion results in the designation of Certified Professional Services Account Executive or Certified Professional Services Recruiter, each a unique mark of distinction in our industry.

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Refer to the Certification FAQs and Program Rules & Fees for additional information. Questions can be directed to or call us at 703.838.2050.

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