Technically Screening When You Are Not Technical

Recruiters will never be engineers. However, they can often be intimidated by engaging with software engineers when trying to qualify them for a specific role. Their resumes can be a blizzard of buzzwords and listening to them describe a technical process or project can be as frustrating as it is mysterious. This webinar will introduce ideas that will give your team – both sales and recruiters – concepts, approaches and methods that will help elevate their level of engagement with their respective audiences. Among the topics we will cover:

  • Specific questions you can ask a candidate or manager that extracts technical details without getting bogged down in the weeds. We will give you the questions and guidance on what to expect in the answers.
  • A methodology designed specifically on how to make sense of a jargon-filled resume and how to gain insight into what a candidate does
  • Technical concepts and architecture in a simple way that relates to simple analogies

Join TechScreen CEO and Founder Mark Knowlton in a session meant to help lift the fog that shrouds IT topics. Attendees will walk away with real strategies to get deeper engagement with candidates and hiring managers.