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Developed especially for the IT & engineering staffing and solutions professional, TechServe webinars keep members current on the latest industry research, trends, sales and recruiting best practices and legislative issues. Following each presentation, there is an opportunity for Q&A.

All TechServe Alliance webinars qualify for CE credits for the TechServe Alliance Certification Program.

TechServe member firms have free access to all webinars. Non-members may participate for $195 per webinar, with the exception of certification webinars that are available to all members, as well as non-members who are certified.

Not a member? Please contact Lori Fitzsimon at 703-838-2050 x 109 or by email at fitzsimon@techservealliance.org to learn about membership resources and benefits.

Upcoming Webinars

#BeHeard: Critical Communication Skills for Women in the Workplace
Thursday, September 23, 2021
In a world of MANsplaining, MANterruptions, and BROpropriation how do you make sure your voice is heard? This webinar will take a deep dive into the critical communications skills women need in the workplace and how to use those skills to earn a seat at the table, and keep it.
You Can Reduce Problem Areas that Sabotage Your Deals
Thursday, October 07, 2021
There is nothing more frustrating than no shows, no starts, offer turndowns or candidates who don’t work out or quit before their assignment is completed. This is a candidate-driven market and as a result these areas are increasing. You have two choices, you either accept that these problems will continue to sabotage your deals, or you change the way you work your desk and dramatically reduce these problem areas. Barb will share specific solutions for: 1) No Shows 2) No Starts/Offer Reject 3) Fall-Offs 4) Counteroffers 5) Candidates who extend their contract
Avoiding the Pitfalls: Common Compliance Mistakes IT Staffing Companies Often Make
Tuesday, October 12, 2021
It’s always best to prevent a problem before it becomes a problem, yet many IT Staffing companies do just the opposite. Sitting tight until your company faces a regulatory audit before actually taking the time to review and improve your compliance policies and procedures could prove to be problematic. Compliance is something that applies to the IT Staffing Industry, no matter what their size is. While many IT Staffing Firms should have some sort of compliance strategy mapped out, not many know how to integrate these processes and strategies to ensure profitability & operational efficiency. Though compliance planning requires a lot of time and energy to address, if not properly addressed, these compliance mistakes can cost millions of dollars. Despite their best efforts, companies frequently make the same mistakes when it comes to a thorough and effective compliance strategy. Our team of IT Staffing veterans will walk through the common mistakes they have seen and how they addressed these to ensure complete compliance.


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