Executive Summit & TechExec 2023

Nov. 14-16, 2023
The Ritz Carlton,
Amelia Island, FL


The 2023 TechServe Alliance Executive Summit brings together owners, executives, and managers of Technology Staffing and Solutions firms to explore the strategies and tactics to succeed in a dynamic environment.

Join Us for Enhanced Client Prospect Opportunities

Once again, we will hold the Executive Summit in conjunction with the Society for Information Management (SIM)’s executive leadership conference TechExec 2023. This will bring CIOs, CTOs, technology leaders, and Senior Procurement Professionals from some of the largest U.S. companies, offering unparalleled networking and collaboration opportunities during joint general and breakout sessions.  

Explore Strategies and Tactics Empowering Technology Staffing Firms to Succeed in a Dynamic Environment 

As always, TechServe Alliance Executive Summit will continue to present content specifically for our members/attendees that explores the unique business needs of the Technology Staffing & Solutions industry.  This will include general sessions, breakouts, and roundtable discussions that are available exclusively for the attendees of the TechServe Alliance Executive Summit.


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