2014 TechServe Alliance Operating Practices Report

The TechServe Alliance Operating Practices Report, the industry's largest and most comprehensive benchmarking survey, provides essential management information that empowers companies to achieve their business goals.

The Operating Practices Report answers such questions as:

  • What actions are other owners and executives taking in the current marketplace?

  • What do 'high profit' firms do differently to achieve their success?

As a benefit of TechServe Alliance membership, the Operating Practices Report is completely FREE to those that participate in the survey.

For 2014, we have added a number of enhancements to the survey including capturing weekly gross margin expectations, looking at the effectiveness of LinkedIn Recruiter, more robust employee benefits data, a new optional tab for solutions and management consulting firms and much more.

The deadline to return the completed survey is March 28, 2014.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you save your data to your system. The OPR questionnaire is an excel document that must be emailed to The Profit Planning Group at


The Operating Practices Report addresses many of the key management questions. Here are just a few:

  • What gross margins are other firms commanding?
  • What is SG&A for firms in my peer group?
  • What impact does permanent placement revenue have on profitability?
  • What is typical profitability for VMS placements?
  • What is the typical fill ratio where there is no hiring manager contact?
  • What do the high profit firms do differently?

New Optional Analysis for Solutions and Management Consulting Firms: In addition to the optional Sales Force tab, we are introducing additional optional analysis for firms that have a Solutions or Management Consulting Practice. If you complete either of these optional tabs, you will also receive the associated reports. The Solutions tab will be separately analyzed by an advisory firm that specializes in solutions and management consulting.

What one TechServe Alliance owner said:

"The [TechServe Alliance] OPR allows you the opportunity to see what your fellow members are doing to control costs, how they compensate their employees, how their business has changed over the past year, where the new areas of opportunity exist and how you, as a member, measure up..."

Complete the OPR Survey and Receive for FREE:

  • The OPR Report - a financial and operating profile of firms in the industry.
  • Performance Analysis Report (PAR) - a confidential report comparing your firm to similar firms in the industry and an individualized roadmap for increasing your firm's profitability.
  • Profit Toolkit Online - a Microsoft Excel-based application, designed to assist you in your financial planning.
  • Sales & Recruiter Metrics Report (if you complete this optional tab) - in-depth analysis of sales and recruiter compensation and how it impacts revenue and profitability.
  • New Optional Solutions & Management Consulting Analysis (if you complete this optional tab)

Reminder: To receive these benefits at no cost, your firm must be a member of TechServe Alliance at the time the reports and PAR are released.

All questions regarding the survey can be emailed to

Please remember to save your survey and e-mail the final version to:

Any other questions can be directed to Amanda Marr at or (703) 838-2050 x112.

We look forward to your company's participation in the industry's most comprehensive benchmarking survey.

REMINDER: To receive these benefits at no cost, your firm must be a member of TechServe Alliance at the time the reports and PAR are released.

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