2015 TechServe Alliance Operating Practices Report

The TechServe Alliance Operating Practices Report, the industry's largest and most comprehensive benchmarking survey, provides essential management information that empowers companies to achieve their business goals.

The Operating Practices Report answers such questions as:

  • What actions are other owners and executives taking in the current marketplace?

  • What do 'high profit' firms do differently to achieve their success?

Please remember to save your survey and e-mail the final version to:

As a benefit of TechServe Alliance membership, the Operating Practices Report is completely FREE to those that participated in the survey.

The Operating Practices Report addresses many key management questions:

-What can my company do to accelerate profitability?
-What impact does productivity have on my company's cost structure?
-How do my weekly margins compare to peers based on size, geography and business mix?
-How do my recruiters and sales professionals compare to the industry's best performers?
-How effective is LinkedIn Recruiter?
-How do high-profit firms drive higher margins? How can I replicate their success?
-How does my business mix impact profitability?

What one TechServe Alliance owner said:

"The [TechServe Alliance] OPR allows you the opportunity to see what your fellow members are doing to control costs, how they compensate their employees, how their business has changed over the past year, where the new areas of opportunity exist and how you, as a member, measure up..."

All questions regarding the survey can be emailed to

Any other questions? Contact Jennifer Bragiel at or (703) 838-2050 x105.

Members who complete the survey have free access to the reports. If you are a member firm that did not participate and you want to receive the results, complete and return the order form to

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