Staffing Legal News: California Legal Risk – Let Me Count the Ways

TechServe’s ComplianceHR suite of solutions, which is available to members at no cost, helps firms manage and mitigate employment compliance risk in all 50 states and DC including California. TechServe also provides Premium Compliance Services which can save members up to 90% on legal expenses.

A recent lawsuit contains a laundry list of potential California employment law violations. Because compliance in California is so difficult, non-California firms should give careful consideration to the risks before making placements there.

A lawsuit against a staffing firm in Northern California reads like the Table of Contents for California employment laws, illustrating how a single incorrect (allegedly) practice can lead to multiple violations. The case is a class action filed by a former temporary worker against CoWorx Staffing Services, a respected firm with approximately 50 offices around the US, mainly in the Northeast. During the course of the litigation, the Plaintiff has asserted no less than thirteen distinct transgressions:

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