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Fraud Alert: Scammers are Targeting Candidates of IT & Engineering Staffing Companies

TECHSERVE ALLIANCE—Several of our member companies have alerted us to fraudulent schemes being perpetrated on candidates. Here are few tips to share with consultants to reduce the risk they will be a victim of fraud.

Here are few tips for consultants to help you reduce the risk of being a victim of fraud: 

  •  First, read the URL and letterhead carefully. There are often small discrepancies or misspellings in fraudulent communications.
  • Second, check where the emails purportedly coming from the company are sent from. Often, they will be off by one or two letters.
  • Pay attention to the questions being asked and do they seem legitimate. This can be challenging as a consultant, as you are often applying to a variety of different positions with different staffing firms and end clients.
  • Investigate if the position has been posted on the job boards.
  • With technology staffing firms find their contact information independently through an internet search and contact them. Verify that the offer is legitimate.

Legitimate staffing companies will NEVER ask you to: 

  • pay a fee to work.
  • ask you to receive payment from them prior to working on an assignment.
  • pay for equipment/supplies or shipping costs.
  • make cash or check advances to the firm or any third party.
  • cash checks from any sources.
  • purchase a service or gift cards.

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