TechServe Alliance CEO Update – The Week Ahead

With so many messages, zoom calls, and distractions, I wanted to highlight a few key happenings this week at TechServe:

  • After months of planning, we will begin the process of bringing firms to market through the New M&A Marketplace. We already have multiple firms exploring an exit through our four-step process and over 30 firms that have expressed interest in acquisitions. We have created a new way to buy and sell IT & Engineering Staffing firms that dramatically expands the pool of buyers and sellers, lowers transactions costs and reduces risk. If you are potentially interested in buying or selling, register your interest here or can directly fill out our buyer’s profile here.
  • How does your firm’s key performance metrics compare to other IT & Engineering Staffing firms? Complete the TechServe Alliance Dashboard Survey sponsored by CEIPAL to get a quick benchmark of your firm’s KPIs. It only takes 15 minutes (5 minutes for returning participants).    Complete the dashboard survey here.
  • Lastly, for over 30 years, we have produced the TechServe Alliance Operating Practices Report and Sales & Recruiter Metrics Report—the industry’s most comprehensive performance benchmarking survey. In addition to providing detailed benchmarking on what typical and high profit firms are doing in terms of growth, profitability and team compensation, we will also be tracking the latest COVID-induced trends on office space and remote work and much more. All member companies that participate get the reports and other management tools at no cost. To encourage additional firms to participate, we are extending the deadline to complete the survey until April 9th. Take it here.

Stay tuned later this week for another exciting announcement.

As always, let us know if we can be of help.

Mark Roberts

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