California Employment Law Guide

Federal, state and local governments adopt labor and employment laws to protect the rights, health and compensation of workers.

As a general rule, federal laws supersede state and local laws. However, state and local laws can supplement or provide additional protections to employees and impose additional requirements that employers must follow. When a conflict exists between federal and local requirements, the U.S. Department of Labor instructs employers to follow the law that provides the highest protection or greater benefit to the employee.

This Employment Law Guide provides employers a reference of key state labor and employment laws. Employers can use the content in this guide to learn more about their obligations and liability under state law. When possible, this guide includes direct links to agency guidance and official posters, notices and forms.

Please note that this guide provides a high-level overview of labor and employment standards in the state. Additional requirements may apply or be adopted. Employers are encouraged to consult with knowledgeable legal professionals or to contact stage agencies for legal advice, authorized guidance and official interpretations of these or other employer requirements.

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