With complete upfront transparency, TechServe has significantly reduced both transaction costs and risk.

For Sellers:

Step 1: Initial Assessment:   $0

Step 2: Valuation Analysis: $2,500

Step 3: Preparing for Sale & Maximizing Enterprise Value: $2,500

Step 4: Selling Your Firm — The TechServe Alliance M&A Marketplace: $0

Total Cost Through Sale: $5,000

For Buyers:

  • No Upfront Cost to Participate Until a Buyer Identifies a Potential Acquisition Target
  • Upon Submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) to a prospective seller, a buyer pays $1,000 ($1,500*)
  • If a buyer obtains a fully signed LOI, a buyer will pay an additional $4,000 ($6,000*)
  • Upon a deal closing, a buyer will pay 5% of the transaction value (6%*)

*Companies that are not TechServe members paying dues on an annual or quarterly basis will only have access to seller information after members have reviewed and considered the opportunity.