Legal & Legislative Updates

TechServe Alliance is committed to keeping members informed of current legal issues that may impact their businesses. Below you will find a compilation of our regular updates on the latest legal issues facing IT & engineering staffing and solutions firms.

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DOL Proposes New Independent Contractor Classification Rule (October 2022)
California Law to Require Pay Transparency Beginning in 2023 (December 2022)
DHS Extends Form I-9 Flexibilities Until July 31, 2023 (October 2022)
Department of Labor Announces New Independent Contractor Status Rulemaking (October 2022)
NLRB proposes rule on standard for determining joint-employer status (September 2022)
NLRB Initiates Rulemaking on Joint-Employer Status, Changes Impact Staffing Business Model (September 2022)
Biden Administration Agencies Uses Anti-Trust Laws on Independent Contractor Abuses (August 2022)
DOL Issues Guidance on FMLA and Mental Health Conditions (May 2022)
EEOC Guidance on Disability Discrimination and Artificial Intelligence Under the ADA (May 2022)
Department of Labor Announces Listening Sessions for Expected Overtime Regulation Revision (April 2022)
TechServe-Supported Independent Contractor Rule Reinstated (March 2022)
The Biden Administration Announces New Actions to Address Pay Equity (March 2022)
President Biden Urges Employees to Return to the Office (March 2022)
USCIS Provides Tips for Successfully Completing Online H-1B Registrations (February 2022)
DOL to Hire 100 Investigators, Signaling Potential Enforcement Increase (February 2022)
DHS/USCIS Updates on H-1B Visa Program and Stakeholder Engagement (February 2022)
USCIS Announces Registration for the 2023 H-1B Cap Opens March 1, Offers Electronic Registration Training (January 2022)
DHS, DOL, and Congressional Updates on H-1B Visa Program (December 2021)
Department of Homeland Security/USCIS Updates on H-1B Visa Program (December 2021)
EEOC Adds FAQs Addressing Retaliation to COVID-19 Guidance (November 2021)
Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit Limits to Increase in 2022 (November 2021)
DOL, NRLB and EEOC Announce Joint Initiative Against Workplace Retaliation (November 2021)
California Announces 2022 Salary Level for Computer Software Employee Exemption (November 2021)
Federal Court of Appeals Limits DOL Use of Law to Collect Back Wages (October 2021)
Reactions to Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate (September 2021)
EEOC Files First COVID-19 ADA Accommodation Lawsuit (September 2021)
What President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Means for Employers (September 2021)
DOL Extends Rescission Date for Joint Employer Rule to Oct. 5, 2021 (September 2021)
USCIS Settles STEM OPT Processing Delay Lawsuit (August 2021)
Senate Confirms Agency Veteran, First Woman to Serve a USCIS Director (August 2021)
SBA Simplifies PPP Loan Forgiveness With New Direct Portal (July 2021)
DOL Rescinds 2020 Rule on FLSA Joint Employer Determinations (July 2021)
Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to the ACA’s Individual Mandate (June 2021)
USCIS Replaces Three Trump-Era Burdsonsome Legal Immigration Policies (June 2021)
Bipartisan House Bill Introduced; Would Eliminate Per-Country Visa Cap, Make Changes to H-1B Visas (June 2021)
DOL Withdraws Independent Contractor Final Rule (May 2021)
Courts Again Halt Local Paid Sick Leave Laws in Texas (April 2021)
EEOC Opens EEO-1 Reporting Portal for 2019 and 2020 Data (April 2021)
California Employment Law Guide (April 2021)
TechServe Files Comments Supporting Implementation of Independent Contractor Definition Final Rule (April 2021)
IRS FAQs on Premium Tax Credit Changes Due to the ARPA (April 2021)
DOL Issues FAQs About American Rescue Plan’s COBRA Subsidy (April 2021)
IRS Publishes Guidance for 2021 Employee Retention Credit (Q1/Q2) (April 2021)
Status of the DOL’s Independent Contractor Rule (April 2021)
Agency Confirmations, Independent Contractor and H-1B Regulations, Pending Legislation (March 2021)
Congress Passes Extension of Paycheck Protection Program (March 2021)
President Biden Extends ACA Special Enrollment Period Into August (March 2021)
American Rescue Plan: Changes to FFCRA Employee Leave (March 2021)
DOL Proposes to Rescind Independent Contractor Rule (March 2021)
DOL Proposes to Rescind the FLSA Joint Employer Determination Rule (March 2021)
IRS Issues Guidance on Employee Retention Credit for 2020 (March 2021)
Overview of Biden’s Proposed $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package (February 2021)
IRS Provides Additional Codes for ICHRAs Under Section 6056 (February 2021)
Overview of the DOL's January 2021 FLSA Opinion Letters (February 2021)
In the Know: Paycheck Protection Program Portal Reopens for Second Round of Loans (January 2021)
DOL Issues Final Rule on Independent Contractor Status (January 2021)
Stimulus Bill Includes Temporary Special Rules for FSAs (December 2020)
Final Regulations Issued for Transportation Fringe Benefits (December 2020)
Congress Passes Surprise Medical Bill Ban as Part of Stimulus Bill (December 2020)
Stimulus Bill Extends FFCRA Tax Credits but Not Leave Mandate (December 2020)
In the Know: Understanding the $900B Stimulus Package (December 2020)
Final Rule Provides Greater Flexibility for Grandfathered Plans (December 2020)
The Catch-Up Payment Provision for Overtime Exempt Employees (November 2020)
DOL Fact Sheet 17G Salary Basis Requirement and the Part 541 Exemptions Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) (October 2020)
Pennsylvania Increases Salary Threshold for Overtime Exemptions (October 2020)
IRS Provides Transition Relief for 2020 ACA Reporting (October 2020)
NYC Changes to Paid Sick Leave Law Take Effect Sept. 30 (September 2020)
Federal Court Strikes Down Part of the DOL Joint Employment Rule (September 2020)
DOL Issues Four Additional FLSA Opinion Letters (August 2020)
Interim Final Rule Issued on Paid Family Leave for Federal Workers (August 2020)
California Overtime Wage Exemptions (August 2020)
Massachusetts Issues Final Amendments to PFML Rules (August 2020)
Remote Verification of Form I-9 Documents Extended to Aug. 19 (July 2020)
DOL Issues Revised Optional FMLA Forms (July 2020)
DOL Seeks Public Input on FMLA Regulations (July 2020)
Biden’s Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy (July 2021)
Trump Asks Supreme Court to Overturn ACA (June 2020)
President Biden Issues Executive Order to Promote Competition in the American Economy (July 2021)
DOL Issues Five New FLSA Opinion Letters (June 2020)
Trump Extends Suspension of Many Foreign Work Visas (June 2020)
President Trump Suspends Entry of Certain Foreign Workers (June 2020)
Supreme Court Rules Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Violates Title VII (June 2020)
DOL Revises the Fluctuating Workweek Overtime Method (May 2020)
New York State Enacts Paid Sick Leave Law (May 2020)
NLRB Issues New Joint-Employer Final Rule (February 2020)
DOL FAQs on the New FLSA Joint Employment Status Rule (January 2020)
DOL Adopts New Joint Employer Determination Test (January 2020)
Court Halts San Antonio Paid Sick Leave Law (November 2019)
DOL Issues New Salary Limits for Overtime Exemptions (September 2019)
Several Texas Cities Enact Paid Sick Time Laws (August 2019)
Illinois Enacts Strict Workplace Harassment Laws (August 2019)
Illinois Bans Salary History Inquiries (August 2019)
New York State Bans Salary History Inquiries (August 2019)
New York State Expands Anti-Discrimination Laws (August 2019)
New Jersey Bans Salary History Inquiries (August 2019)
Colorado ‘Bans the Box’ for Private Employers (July 2019)
Connecticut Enacts Paid Family and Medical Leave Law (July 2019)
Qualified Transportation Benefits (April 2019)
New Jersey Requires Employers to Offer Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits (March 2019)
DOL Worker Classification Test (February 2019)
Michigan Paid Medical Leave Takes Effect March 29, 2019 (February 2019)
The IRS is Beginning 2016 Pay or Play Enforcement: Here’s What You Need to Know; FSA Contributions Increase (January 2019)
Paid Family and Medical Leave – State Law Overview (January 2019)
DOL Increases Civil Penalty Amounts for 2019 (January 2019)
Texas Federal Court Rules Affordable Care Act Unconstitutional (December 2018)
ACA Pay or Play Enforcement (December 2018)
Upcoming ACA Reporting Deadlines (December 2018)
ACA Individual Mandate Penalty No Longer Applies (December 2018)
IRS Announces Benefit Plan Limits for 2019 (November 2018)
Texas Court Rejects City of Austin Paid Sick Leave Law (November 2018)
Affordable Care Act 2019 Compliance Checklist (November 2018)
Overtime Wage Payment Compliance: Avoiding Lawsuits and Liability (November 2018)
FLSA—The White Collar Exemptions (November 2018)
New York State Issues Final Sexual Harassment Models (October 2018)
New York State Passes Strict Workplace Harassment Laws (October 2018)
IRS Issues Guidance on Tax Credit for Family and Medical Leave (September 2018)
New Jersey Enacts Paid Sick Leave Law (September 2018)
Massachusetts Enacts Paid Family and Medical Leave (June 2018)
DOL Worker Classification Test (May 2018)
Paid Sick Leave – State Law Overview (May 2018)
Chicago Enacts Paid Sick Leave Law (April 2018)
Paid Sick Leave – State Law Overview (October 2018)
The Family and Medical Leave Act: Common Questions (January 2018)
Federal Family and Medical Leave Law (December 2017)
New York State Enacts Paid Family Leave Law (December 2017)
States and Localities Adopt Wage Equity Laws (September 2017)
Federal Court Strikes Down 2016 Overtime Rule (August 2017)
DOL Considers Issuing New Overtime Rule (August 2017)
New I-9 Published for Use in September (July 2017)
DOL Withdraws Worker Classification Guidance (June 2017)
DOL Withdraws Joint Employment Guidance (June 2017)