ComplianceHR Portal

TechServe Alliance members have complimentary access to ComplianceHR’s Navigator Suite, an on-demand suite of powerful compliance tools to help you address ever-changing employment law requirements.

In addition to being an invaluable set of tools for internal HR purposes, members can use this tool to differentiate their firms with clients concerned about compliance.

Important SmartScreen Enhancements

The states of California and Virginia have updated the timing of their “close contact” requirement from 14 days to 10 days. TechServe members with these assigned locations within ComplianceHR SmartScreen™ will automatically have their health screening questionnaires updated, if the standard questions continue to be utilized. No changes administratively are required. Should your organization wish to customize their health screening questions, the latest update to ComplianceHR SmartScreen™ gives Admins this ability under Configure Settings.

Please carefully consider the below details prior to making changes. Details include:

  • There are 4 health screening questions (per language) that can be customized. Users can customize each question as needed.
  • If clients choose to customize their screening questions, their edits will supersede any jurisdiction-specific language.
  • Questions can be customized differently for each company on your dashboard, but they need to be customized one company at a time.
  • Clients will have the option to return to ComplianceHR-default language at any time.
  • ComplianceHR will continue to track and share all recommended screening question language. This language is available under Configure Settings.
  • The Vaccine Attestation continues to be a separate optional question and remains not customizable.
  • The Testing Attestation continues to be a separate optional question that clients can customize according to their company policy (i.e. testing is required once per week or twice per week).
  • The Travel Question, available only when adding employees, remains not customizable.
  • As with all ComplianceHR SmartScreen™ updates, no new links/QR codes need to be sent to employees if the screening questions are customized.

Additionally, Hawaii has simplified their travel question for vaccinated travelers and Kansas has reduced their time period (from 14 to 10 days) to make it align more closely with current guidelines.

About the ComplianceHR Navigator Suite Solutions
ComplianceHR SmartScreen
COVID-19 employee symptom checker for returning employees to the workplace
COVID-19 Resource Center
Delivers answers to pressing employment-related COVID-19 topics
Makes it easy to create and maintain your policies
Navigator IC
Remove risk in determining independent contractor status
Navigator OT
Determine if an employee is exempt or non-exempt
Navigator Onboarding
Assemble and produce legally compliant onboarding documents
Navigator Pay Practices
Tackle all your pay related tasks with ease and efficiency
Navigator Leave
Generate compliant forms and access leave laws and requirements