ComplianceHR Portal

TechServe Alliance members have complimentary access to ComplianceHR’s Navigator Suite, an on-demand suite of powerful compliance tools to help you address ever-changing employment law requirements.

In addition to being an invaluable set of tools for internal HR purposes, members can use this tool to differentiate their firms with clients concerned about compliance.

ComplianceHR SmartScreen™ Client Extended Program Implementation Guide

Expanded ComplianceHR Offerings for TechServe Member Employers Navigating Vaccine Accommodations and Testing Requirements. Files that employees upload are visible under Details in the Manage People dashboard, if the Admin has File Access.

About the ComplianceHR Navigator Suite Solutions
ComplianceHR SmartScreen
COVID-19 employee symptom checker for returning employees to the workplace
COVID-19 Resource Center
Delivers answers to pressing employment-related COVID-19 topics
Makes it easy to create and maintain your policies
Navigator IC
Remove risk in determining independent contractor status
Navigator OT
Determine if an employee is exempt or non-exempt
Navigator Onboarding
Assemble and produce legally compliant onboarding documents
Navigator Pay Practices
Tackle all your pay related tasks with ease and efficiency
Navigator Leave
Generate compliant forms and access leave laws and requirements