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Career Passport

An Innovative Solution to Background Screening


The TechServe Alliance Career Passport helps businesses perform automated and timely background checks, onboard the best talent effectively, and with the optimum candidate experience. With the Career Passport, you will:

  1. Accelerate the rate of the background screening process, enabling your contractors and staff to start their new role much faster and with less hassle.
  2. Enhance the candidate experience and give them ownership back of their data so they can store all of their career credentials in one place.
  3. Reduce the friction of background screening when your staff moves between jobs within your portfolio.
  4. Guarantee the correctness and validity of background checks and eliminate the need for credentials to be checked multiple times.
  5. Reduce the risks of data breaches or sensitive candidate information being shared inappropriately.

Add simplicity and confidence back into your hiring process.

About the TechServe & Veremark Partnership

TechServe & Veremark have come together in partnership based on their shared values to help business customers use the best technology and services to find, hire and onboard key talent. In addition to having developed a full-service background screening platform, a user-friendly interface, integration with Applicant Tracking Systems, Veremark’s pioneering blockchain consultant credential can increase reliability and speed while simultaneously reducing the need and expense of many types of background checks. This blockchain enabled feature – Career Passport – creates a credential that is tamper-proof and can be referenced by future employers. In addition to being a benefit to staffing firms and end clients, it creates a valuable credential controlled by consultants that can differentiate them in the employment marketplace.


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