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Do You Have the Traits of a Successful Innovator and Decision-Maker?

In his keynote at the upcoming TechServe Alliance Conference, Professor Michael Roberto will share case studies like the Mount Everest tragedy of 1996 and the Columbia Space Shuttle accident to illustrate the types of decision-making failures that lead to disaster both at high altitude and in the executive suite.

Your decisions may not have life and death consequences like those scenarios, but they do have profit and loss consequences. Successful climbs, missions, and businesses require not only good decision-making but also innovative thinking – figuring out how to overcome challenges, meet market demand, and make the best of the opportunities presented to you.

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Benefits of Bringing Your Team to the TechServe Alliance Conference

Over the last few years, the number of firms registering three or more people for our annual conference has increased. We love this trend but we wanted to know what’s behind it. Why do so many CEOs bring staff to the conference? Besides saving 25% ($400) per person, that is.

We talked to Andre Krevere, CEO of Alltech Int’l (Virginia), about his decision to bring members of his management, sales, and recruiting teams to the conference each year. “I want everyone rowing in the same direction,” he said. “The annual conference helps to align them with our vision for the business. The experience also broadens their horizons. They return with an understanding of the bigger picture and why we make the decisions we do.”

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