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Help wanted: How IT teams can alleviate staffing shortages

The ongoing scarcity of IT candidates has recruiters and HR managers desperate to find qualified candidates for job openings.

According to Randstad’s 2016 Workplace Trends survey of IT hiring decision-makers, they are understaffed by 14 percent and take an average of 90 days to fill non-executive positions. Baby Boomers nearing retirement and the ever-changing technology landscape are among the factors that keep the need for quality candidates at high levels.

While recruiters are aggressively searching for talent outside the company, some may be exacerbating the problem by paying too little attention to the workers they already have. Retention is always an important component of any HR strategy, but it becomes even more critical during a talent shortage. In fact, the Randstad survey revealed that one of the top threats to meeting revenue or business performance targets in 2016 is retention of qualified employees.

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Hot Jobs in IT: Propelled by Exponential Growth in Big Data, Cloud Computing Security

The most in-demand IT job for 2016 is project manager – and if history holds true, that bodes well for the U.S. economy.

For years now, Randstad has closely tracked the demand for jobs in six key areas, and the appetite for IT project managers has typically been an indicator for the performance of the entire economy. And in our 2016 Hot Jobs report released last month, project managers led the IT pack – followed by software engineers (with a focus on Java) and network & security engineers.

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