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Recognizing Quality & Performance in IT & Engineering Staffing & Solutions

TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards

How It Works

While excellence takes many forms, the TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards focuses on three performance dimensions: achievement of consistently strong revenue growth, highly effective and productive teams and a demonstrated commitment to ongoing investment in developing those teams. To achieve parity among firms of varying sizes, there are three distinct awards, allowing for comparisons within peer categories, based on annual revenue levels.

Award Categories (based on revenue):

  • Small Enterprise (Under $10 million)
  • Mid-Sized Enterprise ($10- $50 million)
  • Large Enterprise (Above $50 million)

Award Criteria:

  • Consistent Revenue Growth
  • A Highly Effective and Productive Team
  • Demonstrated Commitment to the Ongoing Development of Your Team

For additional details refer to our Frequently Asked Questions