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Recognizing Quality & Performance in IT & Engineering Staffing & Solutions

TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards?

The TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards are the only awards dedicated exclusively to recognizing breakout performance in the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry. They provide tangible affirmation of a laser focus on the fundamentals of execution. The awards offer top-performing firms an opportunity to be lauded by their peers and feted by their industry.

How are companies evaluated for the TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards?

To ensure objectivity and fairness in the award selection process, TechServe Alliance has engaged an independent third party to evaluate Excellence Awards applications. Global survey firm Clearlyrated, an expert on staffing industry performance, will review award submissions and identify winners based on three criteria:

  • Revenue Growth
  • Personnel Productivity
  • Training & Education Investment
Recognition will be given to a select group of top-performing firms across three distinct categories: small, mid-sized and large enterprises.

Why should I apply?

In an industry that is viewed by clients and consultants as increasingly commoditized, recognition for business excellence offers a distinctive mark of competitive differentiation. It singles out your firm as a standard bearer for professionalism and performance and can:

  • Motivate your team to continually raise the performance bar
  • Offer both clients and consultants assurance of the value you deliver
  • Enhance your credibility in the marketplace
To underscore the bottom-line value of industry recognition, the University of Western Ontario and Georgia Institute of Technology undertook a joint research study of more than 600 corporate award winners. Their evaluation showed that winners achieved 37% greater sales growth and 44% higher stock price return than their peers.

Award winners will gain visibility on a national stage that includes notifications made to other industry trade publications, as well as prominent publications read by clients and consultants, such as, Mashable and TechCrunch.

In addition to being featured prominently in national media releases and on the TechServe Alliance website, winning firms can take advantage of special promotional materials, custom-developed to showcase their achievements with clients and consultants.

 What is the application process?

  • Complete the online application for the TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards. Click here to see a sample application.
  • Confirm that your company meets the eligibility requirements (see below).
  • Submit the application fee of $129 for members or $199 for non-members. Application received without payment will not be considered. 
  • Winners will be notified via email in October.

What fees are associated with the TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards application?

The application processing fee, due at the time you submit your application, is $129 for members and $199 for non-members. 

Will my company information be revealed to my competitors?

No. All submissions are handled with complete confidentiality by an independent third-party, and no proprietary information will be publicly released without your prior knowledge and agreement.

What are the minimum criteria to be eligible to enter a submission for the TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards?

All of the following must be true of your company in order to be eligible to submit an entry for the TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards:
  • Must have been an established business on January 1, 2014 or earlier
  • Must have been in operation concurrently since being established
  • Must have achieved at least $1 million in revenue in fiscal year 2016
  • Must have significant revenue derived from IT & engineering staffing and solutions services. Significant revenue is defined as at least 50% of your total firm revenue or at least $10 million

How does TechServe Alliance define revenue, SG&A payroll and gross profit?

  • Revenue is defined as total gross sales
  • SG&A payroll is defined as total compensation and benefits for internal staff only (i.e. not those individuals who are billable to clients). Included in compensation and benefits are salary, wages, bonuses & commission, payroll taxes (FICA, workers' compensation & unemployment), group insurance (hospital/medical, group term life, disability, dental/vision), benefit plans (fringes, pension, profit sharing, 401(k), SEP-IRA, etc.)
  • Gross profit is defined as gross revenue less all direct costs associated with employees and independent contractors billable to clients. Included in these costs are their wages, bonuses, taxes, insurance, benefits, independent contractor fees (for ICs billable to client only), expense reimbursements and other direct costs.

Where and when is the TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards Celebration?

An industry-wide celebration to honor award winners will be held during the TechServe Alliance Annual Conference in Huntington Beach, CA from November 5–7, 2019. Click here to register for the celebration of your success.

What if I have questions that are not listed here?
If you have any additional questions about the TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards, please contact our team at 703.838.2050 or email us at