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TechServe Alliance IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard™

For more than three decades, TechServe Alliance has been a leader in providing objective data-driven insights for IT & Engineering Staffing firms. Given the growing importance for real-time market intelligence in these uncertain times, TechServe Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of a new monthly IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard™ survey in collaboration with CEIPAL - its latest Diamond Sponsor.

TechServe Alliance has released the Benchmark data from its recent IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard™ Survey. TechServe Alliance is in the process of developing the personalized dashboards for each firm that participated in the initial survey.

View Industry Data >> 

Participants receive a monthly report on overall industry performance on an aggregate basis. Using data analytics, the initiative will also include projections on anticipated future performance.

In future months, the survey will “remember” each firm’s historical responses and should take only 5 minutes to submit. Each participating firm will receive on a monthly basis their data benchmarked against industry peers and a “Dashboard” tracking their progress on KPIs. Participation is complimentary and metrics collected as part of the brief monthly survey will be kept confidential by TechServe. 

Want to know how your firm stacks up to the rest of the Industry? To request an invitation for next month's survey, please click here >>

Survey Preparation Worksheet for First-Time Participants

Below is the Industry Dashboard