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Providing the Essential Data to Measure, Analyze, and Drive Your Firm Toward Greater Growth and Profitability

The TechServe Alliance Operating Practices Report (OPR) is the only benchmarking analysis exclusively focused on the IT & engineering staffing industry. In addition to highlighting what the most successful industry firms do differently, it provides the metrics necessary to execute a data-driven strategy including:
  • Gross Margin & Bottom-line Profitability Based on Size
  • Gross Margins and Close Rates associated with Direct Client Relationship, VMS/MSP with Hiring Manager Contact, and VMS/MSP Without Hiring Manager Contact
  • SG&A Expenses—what areas of expense control help drive higher profitability
  • Performance Expectations & Compensation for Sales & Recruiters at Three Levels of Experience
  • Benefits Offered For Internal Staff, Hourly and Salaried Consultants
  • Key Industry Trends such as client policies on the use of H-1Bs, multi-tier arrangements, and consultant tenure restrictions
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