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TechServe Connect: Online Social Network for Members

The exclusive social network to connect, communicate and network with fellow TechServe members. TechServe Connect is focused on establishing communities of excellence and building professional relationships to advance your business. Whether discussing IT staffing industry trends, sharing ideas and sales strategies or seeking out partners in key regions, TechServe Connect is a robust resource focused on the unique needs of those working within the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry.

Executive Forum on TechServe Connect

Obtain answers to your most critical business questions in real time through our private discussion community for owners and executives of IT & engineering staffing and solutions firms. From the back office to the sales floor, owners and executives who have “been there,” weigh–in with practical guidance on all types of strategic and operational challenges.

“I wanted to say how refreshing it is to see all of this collaboration. Sometimes people think that by having everything "secret" they have some sort of advantage. Reality is there are 17k staffing firms in the US...and this is not rocket science. You still need to go out there and execute. I am happy to assist my fellow TechServe members in any way I can.”

Noel Wolf, Managing Partner
Collinwood Technology Partners, LLC

"In the first week I joined, I posted in the online executive forum to get information on back office accounting services. The response I received was amazing! The members were unbelievably open, kind and helpful sharing their experience. Due to the great referrals and feedback, I was able to evaluate several great options and choose one. I’m very glad I became a member." 

Jodi Kulek Mayer, President
Clearmont Technologies Inc.