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What Is Involved in the Insurance Review Process?

The TechServe Alliance Business Services insurance consulting and placement process is easy and simple. It begins with a thorough review of the applicant's current insurance program, operations and exposures to loss. All we need are the applicant’s agreement to a short phone interview, complete copies of all current insurance policies and completion of the attached TechServe Application.

Ed Armstrong, CPCU, ARM, TechServe Alliance Business Services’ Senior Consultant will be responsible for completing the consulting review and authoring an in depth report for each participant. This consulting feature is key! It provides the operational, exposure and risk identification information critical to the proper design of each participating member’s insurance program.

The completed consulting report will consist of a concise critique of the member firm’s current coverage and exposures to loss. Moreover, it will offer specific recommendations which need to be followed and implemented in order to achieve a cost effective, appropriate scope of insurance protection—that is, the model program for the specific needs and exposures of each participating member firm. It would be difficult to exaggerate the value of this “model program” to the members who depend on their businesses to support their families and fund their retirements. While price is important, TechServe Alliance Business Services members believe that it is the quality of the consultants and services they provide that matters most to their clients. TechServe Alliance Business Services believes that its TechServe member clients should enjoy the same focus on quality from their insurance service provider.

The report will be reviewed and explained to the members by phone. If the member decides to go no further with the process he or she would be asked to return the report to TechServe Alliance Business Services. If, however, the member agrees with the report’s findings and recommendations then Telcom would, with the member’s authorization, implement the model program as recommended in the consulting report. If this can be accomplished to the member’s satisfaction and at a premium cost that is, on balance, less than the current cost then TechServe Alliance Business Services and Telcom would be pleased to serve as the member’s consultant and broker respectively and maintain the effectiveness of the insurance coverage on a continuing basis.