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Coverage Specially Tailored to the Needs of IT & Engineering Staffing and Solutions Firms

Why TechServe Alliance Business Services

Below you'll find a list of benefits that TechServe Alliance Business Services offers you.

  • Lower Premium Costs: The entry of TechServe into the IT staffing insurance marketplace has served as a moderating influence on premium prices. Competition from an industry owned, member service oriented agent/consultant provides a healthy governor on industry pricing. The traditional agency focuses on profit maximization. Absent viable competition, it has no incentive to petition its insurance carriers for lower prices—to the contrary, the larger the insurers price the larger the agent’s commission. TechServe Alliance Business Services exists to produce the best deal possible for each member. The competition it provides has, we are convinced, lowered prices for the entire industry—and particularly for those firms insured through the TechServe Alliance Business Services program.
  • Special Attention & Service: TechServe Alliance Business Services employees serve only one industry—the IT staffing industry. This specialization allows them to develop a broad expertise in their field. It translates into the practical, knowledgeable structuring and servicing of the insurance program of each member. These people are employed by TechServe Alliance Business Services to serve the IT staffing industry as best they can. No other insurance organization is similarly motivated.
  • The Model Program: As mentioned earlier, TechServe members are entrepreneurs, executives and/or business owners – not insurance experts. But a comprehensive or model portfolio of insurance protection is critical to the security of the businesses upon which they depend. TechServe Alliance Business Services has the staff and specialized consulting expertise to give them assurance that they are cost effectively and professionally insured by persons who care about the welfare of their businesses.
  • Member Oversight & Governance: Participating members know that the organization from which they purchase their business insurance is governed by their association colleagues and peers. -- persons with the welfare of the IT staffing industry as their main objective.
  • Management by Association Staff: The TechServe Alliance Business Services program is owned by the association of the industry for which it provides insurance and consulting services. The TechServe Alliance Business Services staff reports to and is compensated by TechServe. There can be no greater assurance to members that this staff holds the welfare of their businesses as its most important objective. 

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