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IMPACT! Talks: Be Purpose Driven. Be Opportunistic. Be Differentiated

While disruption seems to be a way of life in our industry, developing strategies to thrive within change was the centerpiece of the IMPACT! Talks at the 2019 TechServe Alliance conference. Three industry veterans, Andrew Limouris, President and CEO of Medix, Alidade Group & Talentoday; Sue Thaden, President & CEO of Cri and Gary Zander, Management Consultant for the Eliassen Group, shared their stories of how they managed large change within their organizations.

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Inside the Mind of the CIO: A Candid Conversation

What better way to understand your clients then by getting “Inside the Mind of the CIO: A Candid Conversation”? At the recent national conference, TechServe Alliance brought together three CIO’s to discuss what the IT staffing landscape looks like from their perch.

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