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Zealously Leaning In - A Message from TechServe’s CEO

Over the last three months, our members, our industry, our country and indeed the world have confronted extraordinary challenges triggered by COVID-19. In the face of these challenges, we have continually returned to a simple guiding principle: how can we support our members and other stakeholders through the crisis. I am reminded of one of the highest duties that is a part of the attorney’s creed: to provide ‘zealous’ representation. In the context of the day, this has meant deploying whatever resources - whether long-standing or newly created - in the service of our members.

While taking many forms, the entire TechServe team has been ‘leaning in’ at an extraordinary level. In the weeks since the emergence of the crisis, we have been laser-focused on providing guidance and templates including over 70 model letters, checklists, legal and legislative alerts and bulletins, more than a dozen industry-specific webinars and over 25 virtual roundtable meetings. We have developed a strategic advisory service, added a new hot list feature to our candidate sharing platform, and recently added a special COVID-19 app to ComplianceHR - providing state-by-state employment law guidance on issues arising as result of the pandemic and created a special post-COVID addendum to the Operating Practices Report. As always, there will be more to come.

While no one fully knows the course of the public health crisis, the economic fallout or its impact on our sector, I am confident our industry will emerge stronger. TechServe will be with you and your team every step of the way.