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The Critical Science (& Art) of Developing Successful Sales Organizations

Unequivocally, the IT talent shortage has changed the way firms do business. It’s created an even more competitive market in an industry of nearly 10,000 IT staffing firms, all vying for the same shrinking pool of qualified workers. This reality has put a significant amount of pressure on recruiters to fill roles, yes, but it’s also created the same sense of urgency on the client side for the sales organization.

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Boldly Go Farther

Having recently attended the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, I’m compelled to consider what drives world-class performance. Whether on the ski slopes as an elite athlete, or in the boardroom leading a business, many critical success factors ultimately are the same. While succeeding is only one step, winning is indeed far greater. True victory demands specific individual character traits, plus the support of a strong team that is committed to a common goal.

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