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Win the War on Talent - Improve EBITDA - Happier Employees

A case for the TechServe Health Plan, powered by Pendella.

As business owners, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our EBITDA, win the war on talent, and keep our employees happy. What if I told you that there is a better health plan that can help accomplish these elusive goals?

How many times have you thought to yourself...

     … if only I could be in a bigger pool to get better rates.

     … if only I could have access to the same benefits that the “Big Boys” have, like Amazon, Google, etc.

     ...why can’t somebody come up with something better for my health benefits?

TechServe Alliance is giving members access to a new Health Plan offering that can provide:

     10 to 40% lower costs: to improve EBITDA.

     Diverse and unique benefit options and services: to win the war on talent.

     Better access to healthcare and wellness: making employees and their families happy.

Solving “The Health Plan Problem”

Three things have become abundantly clear about the current health insurance world:

  1. The current health insurance system is broken.
  2. We can’t count on the traditional infrastructure to create the real actionable change that is needed.
  3. We need better options and we need them now.

TechServe Alliance, in partnership with Pendella, will provide innovative health insurance and benefits solutions that are normally only available to very large employers. The Pendella Team has been helping businesses implement appropriate health insurance for over 30 years, and are specialists in procuring, structuring, and administering attractive health plans for members of association using the latest solutions that lower costs and improve employee satisfaction.

So how do we do it?

When Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase (Haven) decided to begin building the next generation of health plans in 2018 for their 1.2 million employees, I became engrossed in researching the strategies that they might pursue. My ultimate goal was to compare this to the new strategies that next-generation benefits professionals are using (or could be using) today. Here’s what I discovered that they would most likely build into their next-generation health plans:

     Transparent pricing

     Cutting out the middleman

     Supply chain management

     Patient Data - Information in one place

     Reconsider where care takes place

     Telemedicine / AI-driven diagnostics

     Tackling the cost of Chronic Care

     Genomics Revolution - AI, Big Data

     Leveraging Community

     Moral Margins

What’s interesting about these leading-edge solutions is that most are deployable today, yet few businesses are actually taking advantage of them. TechServe and Pendella will utilize many of these strategies within a unique portfolio of health plans that not only control spending, but that also provide better access to care and move individuals towards real wellness.

Simple plans, better access to healthcare, and reasonably priced insurance plans are all within your reach. Our strategy is to provide plans that work for you and employees today; not force you into an antiquated system that isn’t working. We need you — business leaders, employers, and like-minded professionals — to be a part of this positive change.

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Michael Haffey I Managing Partner Pendella 317-714-8495

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