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What’s Next in Talent Acquisition Technology? Join the Conversation.

With all the enthusiasm that was evident at the TechServe Alliance Annual Conference at Amelia Island, I thought it timely to reflect on the “What’s Next” themed track and the TechServe Innovation Lab activities that had so many of us excited . First, speaking for Talent Tech Labs, we want to express our deep appreciation for the opportunity to bring some of our insights to the TechServe members who were present. For those who may have missed the event, we’d welcome the chance to get you caught up on all that went on.

In partnership with Tech Serve Alliance, it was our mission to bring together a string of topics that might elevate awareness around all that’s changing in our world of delivering staffing services to our clients. The explosion of new technologies hitting the market can be mind numbing. Not only has there been an onslaught of new startups jumping into the talent acquisition technology space, but our long time partners and vendors have been just as busy building solutions that further accelerate the pace of change.

We sought to bring some clarity to the scene. Anyone who is awake has to see the emergence of new tools, alternative sourcing strategies and new age competitors piling into our space. Talent Acquisition Technology is a white hot sector for investment and startups and mature players are rushing into this demand. When this kind of gold rush phenomenon occurs however, it’s often accompanied by a lot of hype, over promising and bluster about the next silver bullet that will solve all what ails us.

As such, we thought the best value could be served by unpacking some of this explosive growth and breaking it down into simple terms that might be more easily understood and even actionable. During the conference this messaging took several forms starting with impact speaker Craig Fisher revealing nuances of social engagement with candidates and brands. I had the chance to present how certain technological developments represent opportunities for advancement for staffing agencies. Bruce Morton shared a global perspective on the magnitude of the changes afoot that will absolutely transform the ways technical staffing will be delivered in the future, that is to say; what are the threats from inaction? These keynotes were augmented by Talent Tech Labs’ Jonathan Kestenbaum explaining the top trends we see in the marketplace that affect staffing along with presenting the Innovation Lab where live demos from six emerging startups showcased their solutions. The tag line on the Lab was: No Sales Pitch - Just the Science. Lastly, a healthy panel discussion was offered to help attendees think through just how you operationalize innovation once you decide you need to try implementing something new.

So what’s next now? We’d love to hear your feedback. Any comments or reactions would be welcomed. Did you know Tech Serve Alliance has a task force already in place focused on how the association might best serve members in assessing all these new technological developments? You can look forward to a short survey coming from them in the coming weeks that will help sharpen our collective focus on better informing and helping members manage all this change. Meanwhile I look forward to hearing any thoughts or suggestions you may care to offer.