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What Does Your Brand Say About You?

What do people say about your company when you’re not in the room?

That was the key question driving the discussion on how companies can build their most authentic brand.

During the 2019 TechServe Alliance Conference and Tradeshow, the session’s moderator and ClearEdge Marketing CEO Leslie Vickery addressed the topic alongside members of the panel: President of Technology Solutions for Harvey Nash, Inc. Anna Frazzetto, Volt Workforce Solutions’ Talent Technology Resources & Strategy Vice President Lauren Jones, and Co-Founder and COO of Triple Crown Consulting David Smith.  

For Frazzetto, building a brand in association with one’s company is about finding ways to be personable. This involves understanding data, trends and patterns in order to be a source of knowledge to clients, she explained.

“If you’re saying you’re just a staffing company, there’s thousands that provide that business,” Frazzetto said. “But if they trust you and believe what you’re saying and if you represent what their needs are, you will gain business from that.”

Frazzetto also shared the value that her podcast – titled “Walk the Tech Talk” – has had on her brand in association with Harvey Nash, Inc. She explained that the podcast is focused on the guest and addressing relevant topics in business, which can attract potential clients her team otherwise may not have access to.  

Similarly, Jones shared how finding that personality and relatability benefitted the most recent branding for Volt. This was accomplished through exercises such as interviews with Volt’s executives, longtime customers and other key players who could lend a voice to creating a new culture.

“One of the words that continued to come across was that we have ‘fire,’ we have ‘passion,’ we have ‘energy,’” Jones said, sharing that those key terms helped the extensive company define their brand pillars. “Evolving as a human being is natural. Why are we so embarrassed as large organizations to reskin and refresh?”

On the topic of rebranding, Smith shared what it was like to seek that same kind of shakeup for Triple Crown after seeing each year of business look the same from a revenue perspective. In his case, the answer was found by asking a deep question: “Who are we?”

“Now, I know who we are,” Smith said. “But the bigger you get, the harder it is to wrap your arms around everybody’s knowledge of who we are.”

Smith explained how this train of thought eventually led to their biggest initiative, which was to ask: “Who are we so we can hire the right people?” In conclusion, he added that retention is now better than in previous years.  

When asked for a final piece of advice on brand evolution, the panelists agreed that teams should “Start with the end in mind.”

“What does your Utopia look like from a business operations perspective? From a financial perspective?” Jones said. “And then you work that backwards. That gives you your road map.”