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We’re Here to Make Your Membership Work for You

In the first edition of “Your Membership” newsletter which launched in January, Jay Cohen, President of TechServe Alliance, reminded us that, “Change comes fast, and it’s tempting to think, I’ll just go it alone, it’s faster. But as leaders, and to really go further in this business, let’s go together. Together makes us better.”

“Together makes us better” really captures one of the most valuable benefits of a TechServe Alliance membership. In addition to a knowledgeable staff and a wealth of resources that are just a click or a call away, the TechServe Alliance community is a unique place where members openly share best practices and partner with other members.

As a member of TechServe Alliance, you are automatically added to the Executive Forum, a members-only private discussion community for owners and executives where you can obtain answers to your most critical business questions in real time, as illustrated in this message we received recently from a new member:

“Joining TechServe Alliance has already proved itself to be a great investment. In the first week I joined, I posted in the online executive forum to get information on back office accounting services. The response I received was amazing! The members were unbelievably open, kind and helpful sharing their experience. Due to the great referrals and feedback, I was able to evaluate several great options and choose one. I’m very glad I became a member.” Jodi Kulek Mayer, Clearmont Technologies Inc.

Great work TechServe members! If there are others in your company that should be identified as key contacts and/or should be added to our Executive Forum, please let us know and we will include them.

And, of course, your membership provides you more than a collaborative network of industry executives. TechServe offers a wide range of industry statistics, research tools, data and analytics. Be sure to see the inside of this newsletter for insights on TechServe’s 2019 Operating Practices Report and our recently released 2019 Geographical IT Wage Map, updated annually with the most current wage information for specific IT occupations on a geographic basis.

We will soon be adding a powerful suite of self-service compliance tools to your portfolio of member services. The “ComplianceHR” Navigator Suite Solutions will include:

  • Navigator IC: Remove risk in determining independent contractor status
  • Navigator OT: Determine if an employee is exempt or non-exempt
  • Navigator Onboarding: Assemble and produce legally compliant onboarding documents
  • Navigator Pay Practices: Tackle all your pay related tasks with ease and efficiency
  • Navigator Leave: Generate compliant forms and access leave laws and requirements

So, be on the lookout! If you haven't done so already, please provide us your HR personnel's contact so they can be included in our upcoming ComplianceHR tool communications and have everything they need to access this new resource when it is live.

 “Change comes fast.” TechServe is committed to taking on the most pressing challenges facing IT & engineering staffing firms and their teams, and the corresponding opportunities they present. Through our research, surveys, board and task force discussions, our key strategic initiatives were formed. These initiatives are the core of the reimagined 2019 Conference & Tradeshow:

  • Finding IT & Engineering Talent
  • Building & Retaining a Strong Team
  • Sales, Business Development & Marketplace Differentiation
  • Executive Leadership & Management

This year’s conference is being held November 5 -7, in Huntington Beach, CA. Be sure to visit for frequent updates to the robust agenda.

Lastly, we understand that member firms have different challenges and interests. If you haven’t done so already (or haven’t done so in a while), please give us 15-30 minutes, and we will provide you with a personalized overview of the resources that address your particular needs.

The TechServe Membership Team is here for you! Please reach us at (703) 838-2050 or at, so we can help make your membership work for you!

Lori Fitzsimon
Director of Membership