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Staffing Leaders Share TechServe Experiences for Our 30th

This year’s Conference will be extra special to us as we celebrate TechServe Alliance’s 30th anniversary. We are so thankful for the commitment of our members, the insights of our speakers, and the support of our event sponsors. To mark the occasion, we sat down with a handful of members to hear their TechServe stories and the impact membership has had on their companies and careers.

Karen Wilson, President & CEO at Make Corporation

Karen Wilson has been a TechServe Alliance member for more than 20 years and appreciates TechServe’s ability to stay ahead of industry trends. She also values the networking opportunities offered throughout the year. “One of the biggest values that I get from TechServe is the relationships with the other members, because I've never been a part of an association where people are as free to share facts, data, and strategies, and hand out their business card and say, ‘Call me, I'll help you,’” Wilson says. “I think everybody's stronger when you're working collaboratively.”

Scott Aicher, COO at RGBSI

Scott Aicher has worn many hats throughout his involvement with TechServe Alliance over the years from going to events as an attendee to helping to lead an event as a breakout session speaker. “The beauty of it is you really get a good exchange of ideas and information from other peers going through the same type of challenges as our business,” Aicher says. “TechServe really brings everyone together in a very casual, comfortable environment so you can have those discussions.” Aicher takes advantage of TechServe’s applicable approach to sharing issues and resources. “My goal in all these meetings is to come away with actionable items that will help our business get better,” he says. “I've found every time I've been at any event that TechServe has held, I’ve come away with actionable items that we can roll into our business to try to make us a little bit better.”

Bob Dickey, Chief Operating Officer at Medicus Healthcare Solutions

Bob Dickey also enjoys the TechServe approach. “TechServe Alliance plays a very important role in contributing to the solutions of some of our challenges,” he says. Taking the macro-level view, he continues, “What they're able to do for the entire industry is to give us an idea of what's going on in terms of trends, and to validate certain things that we might be experiencing as a company.”

Networking opportunities are a common theme among people who enjoy TechServe’s membership. “The TechServe Conference is an opportunity to come and network with peers, expand your knowledge of particular trends that are in the marketplace, and be able to collaborate with your peers, which is something that you wouldn't get without coming to the conference itself,” says Dickey.

Most of all, Dickey leverages his TechServe membership to stay on top of a rapidly changing industry. He explains, “The ability to have a company that helps to validate what's happening in the industry is so important for an IT and engineering staffing company.”

Gary Zander, President at Project One

Gary Zander appreciates the voice TechServe Alliance has lent the industry over the past few decades.” TechServe has been able to get the attention of not only the supplier marketplace but also clients that utilize a lot of consulting resources,” he says. “They've been able to bring attention to the issues and the importance of dealing with high-value firms.” According to Zander, TechServe Alliance membership is a way for businesses to stand out from the pack:

“There's not a shortage of staffing firms in the industry; there's got to be tens of thousands. But the ones that are affiliated with TechServe Alliance are more professional and on top of their game because they're investing the time, the energy, and the money to keep on top of the pulse of the issues that affect our business and our clients.”

TechServe Alliance has been instrumental, not only for its membership but also on behalf of the industry at large. One of the main objectives of TechServe Alliance is to foster the collaboration of firms and the sharing of information. “The format of the conferences has constantly been evolving to encourage companies and individuals to interact with each other,” he says. “The resources and knowledge we gain from TechServe Alliance make us better from both an executive level standpoint right through our professional staff.”

Sue Thaden, CEO at CRI

Sue Thaden appreciates TechServe Alliance on several levels, including the IT staffing industry overall. But she also says, “Personally, in the growth of our company and the growth of me and my leadership team, I would say we are grateful for it, as well.”

For Thaden, TechServe conferences are the place to go for the answers she and her company seek. “Year over year, you come to the conference, and you've got this issue or this challenge,” she says.

“Whether you look at the schedule and go, ‘Boom, there are three things on the agenda I'm going to figure out what I need to figure out,’ or you meet two people in the lobby, or in passing, or at the great events they have at night. You get talking to them, and they just went through the same thing.”

The networking and connections are a valuable asset for Thaden. “At least you just don't feel like you're on an island,” she says. “TechServe does a great job of bringing us a lot of answers and a lot of topics we need to be talking about. We get together and talk about them, so we all keep moving forward.”

Thank You to All Our Members

TechServe Alliance exists because of the loyalty and commitment of our growing number of members. We are excited to celebrate our 30th anniversary with you at this year’s Conference on November 9-11.

Many of the above members will be speaking at our annual conference. To see their profiles and view others, click here.

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