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Rank and Bank: The Power of Online Visibility

Recently, before the world of digital marketing was fully established, ranking high in search engines was the key to success. If you were on top, people picked up the phone and called you. When potential clients did their research, they merely asked, “Who can I partner with?” and left it at that.

Today, things have changed, and they keep changing. Now clients are no longer simply asking “Who?” they find your company and look to your website to answer the question, “Why should I work with you?” In a marketplace where many staffing companies are competing for the same clients, you can no longer rely on the top spot; you need to be seen and be credible to win clients.

Here are three important points to remember for your staffing firm:

Your Firm Must Rank High to be Found

Although search engine results rankings aren’t the end all be all any longer, doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Your firm still must be visible to potential clients. There is much more competition for the top spots today, which means visibility is a hot commodity.

It’s a fight worth fighting though, for your name to be in consideration, your website needs to be front and center when your ideal clients start their research. While the obsession of the front page of Google drove digital marketing before; today, it’s only the beginning.

Your Website Should Be Your Best Salesperson

Go to your website right now and pretend that you are a potential client. What does your firm's site tell you? Of course, there is contact information for them to reach you, but is there anything telling them why they should pick up the phone? Clients who are ready to sign aren’t simply looking for a name and number; they are doing thorough research on their options.

On average, a consumer who is ready to make a purchasing decision views five pieces of content before they ever pick up a phone. Your website should be there ready with content to not only convince them that you can solve their problems, but also that you are the best partner for them. If your website isn’t selling for you, where else can they learn? Content marketing builds your credibility online and drives them down the buyer’s journey.

Visibility and Credibility Must Work Together

The most important part of building visibility and credibility is that they must work in tandem. Just as the world of digital marketing has moved past pure search ranking as a sales driver, credibility cannot be your only focus. Even if you have a history of providing staffing solutions to the top companies in the country, you will lose out on clients if they cannot find you. Visibility allows your credibility to shine and entice them to pick up the phone. Credibility answers clients’ question of “Why should I partner with you?” building on the foundation that your visibility has built.

If you’re ready to take your digital marketing to the next level and use your online brand to win clients, Parqa is here to provide custom solutions to fuel your firm’s growth. Contact us for a free assessment today.