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Boldly Go Farther

Having recently attended the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, I’m compelled to consider what drives world-class performance. Whether on the ski slopes as an elite athlete, or in the boardroom leading a business, many critical success factors ultimately are the same. While succeeding is only one step, winning is indeed far greater. True victory demands specific individual character traits, plus the support of a strong team that is committed to a common goal.

While twice accompanying my son, Jared Goldberg – who was an Alpine skier in both the 2014 and 2018 Winter Games – I was enveloped in the passion and perseverance of this global competition, surrounded by the relentless pursuit of excellence and insatiable hunger to do better, to go faster, to strive for more. To be the best.

And shouldn’t the same be true in business? Particularly in the enormously competitive IT industry, we should refuse to settle and instead devote ourselves to continually improve and evolve to deliver more. Good enough is never enough. But we can’t achieve superiority alone. It takes a team of support.

Since Jared started racing competitively at age 6, it has taken a never-ending crew of family members, instructors, coaches, trainers, teammates, friends, allied health professionals and doctors to get him to the slopes in Sochi and South Korea. One vast support system wholeheartedly dedicated to one giant goal.

On a larger scale, consider the far-reaching teamwork to host the Olympics – construction companies; local government; the International Olympic Committee; individual sport federations; judges and officials; venue and event staff; athlete housing, training and cafeteria crews; and volunteers. It’s a massive effort that only succeeds when fueled by extraordinary dedication, persistent collaboration and a universal goal.

Those same attributes apply to the performance of any business, whether an entrepreneurship, small company or global corporation. With over 37 years invested in launching and managing companies, I can attest to the incredible power of the team to command the organization’s victory or failure. An island cannot prosper on its own, but a community can aspire and achieve.

In today’s workplaces, survival can’t be the goal, and mediocrity leads to an exit ramp. Thriving businesses not only deliver superior solutions, but also anticipate needs, evolve offerings and drive results – all with impeccable service.

Just like competitive athletes, to win, businesses must consistently go farther.

Vision provides direction, but the team must do the heavy lifting, embrace victories, learn from failures, and continually seek to go above and beyond. It’s about persevering when you want to give up; taking calculated risks; remaining discontent with the status quo; and being tireless.

When I founded ConsultNet in 1996 to provide businesses with tech talent and solutions, I understood the need for a strong team. But 22 years later, with the growth and evolution of the tech and staffing industries, I’m more fully invested in the absolute power of the team to deliver ongoing progress and consistent victory. Empowering technology performance happens only with the tireless diligence of our employees and consultants.

Instilling this compelling philosophy into your business is the best way to grow, achieve, succeed and boldly go farther.