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Benefits of Bringing Your Team to the TechServe Alliance Conference

Over the last few years, the number of firms registering three or more people for our annual conference has increased. We love this trend but we wanted to know what’s behind it. Why do so many CEOs bring staff to the conference? Besides saving 25% ($400) per person, that is.

We talked to Andre Krevere, CEO of Alltech Int’l (Virginia), about his decision to bring members of his management, sales, and recruiting teams to the conference each year. “I want everyone rowing in the same direction,” he said. “The annual conference helps to align them with our vision for the business. The experience also broadens their horizons. They return with an understanding of the bigger picture and why we make the decisions we do.”

Empower your future MVPs.

Many of the CEOs who return year after year with their team use the conference experience to reward high-performers, prepare next year’s rising stars, and educate new hires. “The conference gives our recruiters and Account Executives a better understanding of our business and industry, and insight into how we can do better,” said Andre.

If you hire people from outside the industry, the information they receive and the relationships they develop at the conference will accelerate their learning curve and productivity. As in past years, this year’s conference includes sessions that have been designed specifically to help Account Executives and recruiters improve their performance. The conference experience will empower your team with the skills and knowledge they need to outshine your competitors—both man and machine.

Invest in your team’s potential.

Andre’s approach to his team’s professional development reflects his firm’s culture, one that results in little internal attrition. “People stay with us,” he said. “Our recruiters and Account Executives come back from the conference appreciating the fact that we’ve invested in them. Lots of companies don’t.”

Accelerate your staff’s productivity and growth.

The conference experience will spark within your team a greater resolve and motivation to help improve operations and grow your firm. It will also expose your employees to the perspectives and experiences of fellow professionals from other parts of the country. “Instead of only hearing it from me, my staff learn from other attendees that they can make a successful career for themselves in our industry,” said Andre. These new connections can be tapped throughout the year for advice and motivation.

Prepare your firm for the year ahead.

Three days at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation & Resort is an ideal opportunity to recharge and rethink business as usual. Take advantage of your time together away from the office to learn and strategize as a team. You can start laying the groundwork in November for your 2017 action plan to improve operations, deliver stronger value to clients, increase revenue, and accelerate your firm’s growth.

Over the coming months, we’ll share advice on this blog for maximizing the conference ROI for you, your firm, and your team. Stay tuned.